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PHI Hotels has introduced new measures in hospitality procedures to protect health of its guests and its staff, which allow us to offer continuity of service and maintenance of the high quality standard, guaranteeing a safe stay.

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Modena's Canals

Modena's Canals

Set out on a fascinating journey to discover the Modena of days gone through its waterways, taking a tour of the historic centre that traces the routes of the underground canals that once flowed through the city. Historically, Modena was a city built on a river with a network of canals. Over the centuries, the canals were gradually filled in, but they still exist underground, and their memory remains “on the surface” in street names: Corso Canalchiaro, Corso Canalino and Corso Canalgrande are just a few examples. These days, the tale of that time is told only by Fonte d'Abisso, the fountain found a few metres under street level next to Piazza Roma, or by Via del Naviglio and Via dell'Attiraglio on the city's outskirts.