Safe Accommodation

PHI Hotels has introduced new measures in hospitality procedures to protect health of its guests and its staff, which allow us to offer continuity of service and maintenance of the high quality standard, guaranteeing a safe stay.

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Phi Hotels and Progetto del Cuore

Phi Hotels and Progetto del Cuore

PHI Hotels, sensitive to the social issues that are the basis of sustainable development, works to ensure the conditions of human well-being (safety, health, education) equally distributed by class and gender.

With PHI Hotel Canalgrande we have supported the "Progetto del Cuore" to guarantee free social transport for children, the disabled, the elderly and families in difficulty in the city of Modena.

On November 28th the exciting ceremony of delivery of the equipped vehicle took place at Auser in Modena.

Aware that the lack of social cohesion and the growth of inequalities prevent the achievement of economic and environmental sustainability, we will continue to strive to pursue equity through the support of disadvantaged people, so that they can benefit from valuable services.